Corporate Strategy

Critical Minerals Portfolio
  • Morocco focused
  • Exploration and near production assets
  • Copper and critical minerals
Critical Minerals Portfolio

Our strategy is aligned with the clean energy revolution. Investing in mining projects to produce the critical raw materials of the future.

Copper, arguably the most important clean energy metal, was added to the US Department of Energy’s Critical Materials List in August 2023.

High Quality Assets
  • Deep sector experience
  • Financial and structuring expertise
  • Local knowledge and excellent deal flow
High Quality Assets

Our bottom-up strategy is to invest in high quality, value accretive projects. Those which can withstand commodity price volatility and attract investment through the development curve.

Our local team ensures a regular and good quality stream of deal flow.


Strategic Partners
  • Acquisitions and earn-ins
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Local relations and local suppliers
Strategic Partners

CMR’s subsidiary has a portfolio of wholly owned assets and a number of earn-in agreements.

CMR’s ESG strategy includes building relatively small operations that local communities are comfortable with, and which would only be scaled-up given strong support.

Critical Minerals Portfolio
High Quality Assets
Strategic Partners
Macro Economic Fundamentals
  • Super-Charged Cycle
  • Battery Metals
  • Clean Energy
  • Critical Minerals
Super-Charged Cycle
Super-Charged Cycle

“The commodity super-cycle includes periods of rising metals prices caused by ageing mines, under investment during periods of lower prices and sustained global population and GDP growth. Over the next 10 years we are anticipating metals price strength to continue due to the super-cycle, and for an added boost thanks to the Clean Energy revolution”.

Critical Mineral Resources

Battery Metals
Battery Metals

“Lithium’s high electrochemical potential makes it a valuable component of high energy-density rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Other battery metals include cobalt, manganese, nickel, and phosphorus”.

US Geological Survey

Clean Energy
Clean Energy

“Increased demand for clean energy and decarbonization technologies requires a different set of material supply chains from those powering the fossil fuel economy”.

US Department of Energy, 2023

“Electricity networks need a huge amount of copper and aluminium, with copper being a cornerstone for all electricity-related technologies”.

International Energy Association, 2023

Critical Minerals
Critical Minerals

“Today, the data shows a looming mismatch between the world’s strengthened climate ambitions and the availability of critical minerals that are essential to realising those ambitions”.

Dr Faith Birol, International Energy Association, 2022

Investing in Morocco

CMR has identified Morocco as an ideal mining-friendly jurisdiction that meets is acquisition and operational criteria. The country is perfectly located to supply raw materials to Europe (its primary trading partner) and possesses excellent prospective geology, infrastructure and attractive permitting, tax and royalty conditions.

CMR is focused on building a portfolio of high-quality metals exploration and development projects in Morocco. Its strategy is to secure projects in the Clean Energy sector including copper, nickel, manganese, cobalt and potentially lithium and rare earths.

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Investing in Morocco CMR Investing in Morocco

Corporate Governance

Last Updated – 17/09/2023

The company has adopted a recognised Corporate Governance Code in line with accepted business practice for a company of its size. Maintenance of good governance is taken seriously by management and the responsibility of the whole board.

One of the main areas of governance for CMR is risk governance, making sure the company doesn’t take any unnecessary risks and is aware of, and managing, external risks such as foreign exchange, climate change and supplier risk.

Environmental and social governance are also at the top of our agenda. Although our environmental impact is currently relatively low, we have built excellent relationships in the areas we operate and we make sure to listen and act on the concerns of the local people.

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CMR Corporate Governance

Board & Management

Charlie Long Chief Executive Officer

Charlie is a mining specialist with industry and financial services experience. He started his career in mining over 20 years ago as the founder of a building materials quarrying company in China. He has worked as a sell-side mining analyst for over 10 years, including at Singer Capital Markets, Sanlam Securities and finnCap. Charlie was business development manager for AIM-listed Avesoro Resources and more recently CFO for Audere Solutions, a UK based risk management advisory group.

Noureddine Sabraoui Chief Operating Officer

Noureddine is an experienced field geologist, mine manager and geological services supplier. He has an unrivalled knowledge of Morocco’s geology and its exploration and mining opportunities. As well as managing operations in Morocco, Noureddine also provides high quality deal-flow and project development know-how.

Dominic Traynor Non-Executive Director

Dominic is a capital markets solicitor and company director with extensive experience in the public markets and corporate governance. He is a partner at City law firm Druces. His corporate positions include director of Prism Group AG, a private equity firm focussed on Fintech and money services and MAST Energy Developments plc where he is a non-executive director and chairman of the audit committee. He was also a founding director of AIM-listed SigmaRoc plc.

Russell Thomson Non-Executive Director

Russell is a professional accountant (CPA) with over 30 years working experience in the construction, engineering, railway, energy, natural resources and mining industries in Australia, SE Asia, USA and South Africa. He has been a Director and CFO of EV Metals Group plc since 2014 and is a director of all EV Metal subsidiaries. Russell was formerly the CFO and Director of ASX-listed Podium Minerals Limited.